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Beautifully bronzed skin is the secret to looking thinner, toner and younger. The tricky thing is natural sunlight is the best bronzer but also the leading cause of skin cancer. So what’s one to do? Maximize your glow and cut down on time tanning with the bronzing powers of our Melanotan Tanning Solutions!

Exclusively developed by our team, melanotan tanning injections are changing the game. No longer do you have to bake under the sun to achieve a perfect sunkissed glow. Formulated with peptides that shorten the time needed to get perfectly tanned skin, this unique solution can be used out in sunlight or when tanning in a sun bed. It speeds up the tanning process and locks in bronze radiance to deliver beautiful skin you’ll want to show off.

While we’re the proud providers of Melanotan tanning products, we’re so much more. By offering world class customer support and speedy deliveries, we have gained the trust of millions. Our chemical based tanning nasal spray has been carefully produced using the finest ingredients available, ensuring it’s powerful and potent but safe and easy for the everyday consumer to use. You can count on us when it comes to your tan. The difference is noticeable. We here at Liquitan are committed to revolutionizing the world of tanning one bottle at a time.
the world of tanning one bottle at a time



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