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Check out the amazing benefits of using this cool Melanotan II set:

  • No more injections – you only need to put the Melanotan II mixture into the bottle and spray it on your nose. Eventually, you’ll be getting your desired result and this saves you from having to face those nasty needles!
  • Tans your skin more efficiently by promoting the production of skin-darkening pigments in your body – this ways you won’t have to go to the beach or the tanning spa just to get that alluring dark skin tone!
  • Protects you from getting skin cancer by reinforcing your skin with a shield that fends off harmful UV rays!

Add this empty nasal spray bottle  to your cart today to create your own kit levels.

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  • This is a bottle only, for when you want to make or modify your own kit.

Not into the idea of getting Melanotan II shots on your skin? Then this pure blend nasal spray is for you – get that perfect sexy tanned look without needles!

LiquiTan understands that some people might not really like needles and the idea of it piercing your skin – this inspired the idea of the production of these nasal sprays. Nasal spraying may only be 30-40% effective – this way you’ll have to apply it two times as opposed to injection. The Melanotan II here is blended just right for it to work perfectly with the nasal spray bottle.

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